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Wednesday, March 21

Smoked by Windows Phone set to hit your TV soon

Microsoft hired the guy behind Verizon's "can you hear me now" Ad campaign to push windows phone to consumers, but they didn't stop there.
If you were at CES event in Las Vegas this past January, then you might have heard about "smoked by windows phone". If not then you are probably asking.. What's Smoked by windows Phone?

Smoked by Windows Phone is run by Ben the PC guy, he challenges you and your android or iphone to a speed test with his windows phone.challenges like
-first to snap a pic, upload it to facebook and tag a friend.
-first to find a restaurant nearby and make reservations

He usually wins (90% of the time) and for the few who have beat him, you earn $100, but for the many who lost, well they are not really losers are they are awarded windows phones.

The whole point of the "smoked by windows phone" is to show how fast windows phone really is, compared to android and iPhone

Ben's everywhere, not just the US, he was at the just concluded MWC in Barcelona, Spain. you can also catch him at a Microsoft store near you. (just follow him on twitter to keep up to date on his whereabouts and adventures).

Well, I guess the "smoked by windows phone" campaign is going great, so great that you are going to start seeing it on your TV. Yup, that's right Microsoft in yet another bid to push windows phone out there, is launching "smoked by windows phone" TV Ad  campaigns, so if you thought you are okay with T-Mobile's bombardment of the LUmia 710 on your TV then think again, because your TV's going to be smoking soon!



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