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Tuesday, March 20

Survey Says!... Nokia is your next Mobile Device.

When asked what mobile brand would you buy next? 37% of 560,000 people said "Nokia", 24.8% said Apple iPhone, 20.8% said Blackberry and 12.8% said Samsung.

In a survey carried out by Vuclip, consisting of 560,000 survey takers. They asked questions ranging from "what factors do you consider when purchasing a new phone"? what brand are you loyal to and would you switch? when would you purchase a new device and so forth.

The survey was taken by predominantly male candidates (82% of the 560k were male) and the general age demographic was between 18-25yrs (41% were between the ages 18 and 25).
I would love to know what part of the world these survey takers are too (it just says globally).

The survey also shows that most mobile users either don't have any plans of getting a new device or would do so in the next 3months, so for those that did have plans, 37% said Nokia was their #1 choice for their next device, that's 13% more than those who preferred iPhone.

Also, it's interesting to note that a survey was also taken on User's Loyalty to a brand, and 90% of iPhone users don't intend on switching brands (good job, Steve Jobs), Blackberry users remain loyal too. while 30% of Sony users and current LG users say they would consider switching brands (OUCH!)

This brings me back to what I asked earlier in my previous post,
 how is Nokia planning to break that loyalty iPhone and Android users have to their brands and how to make them switch, I think it would be easier to get Android users to switch as android is kind of new to the market and is saturated by different OEMs leading to lack of identity by its users, whereas, with iPhone is another story entirely, I mean their fan-base is Ginormous and they have got an identity and these guys are the most loyal of the bunch, well maybe not as loyal as blackberry users

So I think Nokia + Microsoft has the offering of something new and exciting, but is it good enough to make users switch, this is a question Nokia/Microsoft has to ask themselves, because while they make sales, it's never going to be a competition until Apple/Android starts losing brand to them (something that's not happening at the moment).

But for the meantime, they are playing the right cards but putting out splendid hardware with WP7. People are buying/want to buy a Nokia WinPho now.

Via: Techcrunch

Source: Vuclip


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