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Saturday, March 24

Unboxing the Nokia Lumia 900 (At&t;)

Here's an unboxing video (first of many) for At&t by TechFeedTV
It is done by a former iPhone user, I say "former" because he has decided to switch from his iPhone to the Lumia 900.
The Lumia 900 contains just the phone, manual and charger, which is a buzz kill! no headphones, no casing (like we saw in the N9 or Lumia 800).
As we know the Lumia 900 is already in circulation as most At&t employees (mainly higher or sales reps) are already using one.

The packaging is similar to how the N9 or Lumia 800 are packaged except for the At&t logo and coloring.
  Enjoy the unboxing, though I don't think the narrator has any prior knowledge of the Lumia 900, but I like his enthusiasm


Setup Hands on/walkthrough video:


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