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Tuesday, March 6

US At&t;'s Nokia Lumia 900 available on Sunday April 8th [updated]

If you are among those who are waiting for At&t's LTE powered Nokia Lumia 900 on March 18th, don't hold your breathe.

The Nokia Lumia 900 launch date has been moved to Sunday April 8th.

Yup, according to a source inside the At&t camp, The Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II will go on sale on the same day April 8th.

The Lumia 900 will be available in Black and Cyan (what about white?)

Hopefully, white will be released at a later date, as that seems to be the norm with US carriers, they love releasing the white color later, why? maybe they want to make it special or they just love this iPhone strategy (Afterall, it was the iPhone that started this).

[update] At&t just put up a teaser talking about latest additions to their line-up HERE... really hope its the Lumia 900! I'll try and get a confirmed date tomorrow
we'll see soon enough.

microsoft store website has both htc titan II as coming soon

At&t also has a "coming soon" teaser on their website
Nokia US site has had 900 as "coming soon" since January

The question now is how soon is "coming soon"?! After all, Nokia US website has had the Lumia 900 as "coming soon" since January. so let's hope At&t and Microsoft's  interpretation of "coming soon" is not in the same time frame as Nokia's

Hopefully, It's the Mar. 18th we've all been waiting for and this Apr. 8th is for At&t launch in some other country, maybe Europe? They do have At&t in Europe!

[UPDATE] Yea, remember that "coming soon" teaser on At&t's homepage, well it's gone! guess it was for the iPad 3

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  1. Thanks, did the "source inside the At&t camp" mention why they have not taken any action to slow down the March 18th expectation? It's everywhere and is being reported as fact; just google Lumia 900 to see it for yourself.

    And yet Nokia and AT&T have just sat back let that expectation build and build. And now, they'll just unapologetically pop everyone's bubble and shrug their shoulders and say, "We didnt start the rumor, so dont blame us"? Hogwash. They'll have a bunch of disappointed would-be Apple converts who wont bother with a new platform that cant manage to get off its butt to help massage even the most basic customer expectations.

  2. we'll see in 12 days, if the Mar 18th holds up. I also got told it was Mar. 18th by a source earlier in the year, i'll have to confirm with him if this is the new date Apr. 8th
    But I am told this reschedule is not a Windows or Nokia fault, it has to do with At&t LTE roll out

  3. When will Nokia learn... when you announce release soon, look at Apple, at least they sell it right afterwards. If you want to be big again,you must deliver...