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Tuesday, March 6

Video Chat now available on N9 via google's GTalk

One of the awesome stuff the PR1.2 update for N9 brought along with it is Video Chat.
Now with Google GTalk, you can video chat with anyone who has a gmail account (take that Skype!).
And another feature is that it is fully integrated into your contacts, so you can make calls directly from your phone book, instead of going to the app!

App description:
This package enables video call with Google Talk contacts. Nokia N9 v1.2 software is required to install this package. After the installation device will automatically reboot.
Video calling is fully integrated to Contacts and Phone applications on the phone and there is no separate application icon for this feature. People to whom you are calling must have Google Talk Video Call capable device (mobile/tablet/computer). 

More good news... It's totally FREE!!!

here's a video demo of it too (by youtube user: toycie1993):

you can get it from the Nokia store HERE

PS: I just realized I have never used the front facing camera on my N8 for anything!


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