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Friday, March 30

Video: Peak Gold for Nokia N9 and Nokia Belle Devices

If you ever played "Gold miner" a classic PC game #IMO, then you will love "Peak Gold" for Nokia N9.
The aim of the game is to grab moving gold nuggets and later gems and diamonds off of the moving escalator.
The graphics are really nice and the controls are superb, and its a game you would love to play over and over again.

Finish a level just in time by getting enough gold for that level and move lower (NOT higher) down the mine, if you fail to get enough gold for that level before the time expires you lose! and get to start all over again

See it:

Peak Gold is Free.

you can get it for your Nokia N9 from the Nokia Store HERE

if you use the Nokia N8 or any Nokia Belle device, you can download it for free HERE


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