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Wednesday, March 28

Video: Qt game; PathWind for Nokia N9 (MeeGo)

Pathwind is a nice QT game I came across while surfing the Nokia store on my N9,
it's a pretty cool and breezy game (literally speaking),
It's a simple tap to jump type game, much like "i must run" "gravity guy" "dalton the awesome" and many more.
with pathwind, you control a little boy with a "balloon jet pack", and you struggle to walk against the strong breeze in the process you try to jump and avoid oncoming obstacles/objects (fridge, umbrella) that the wind might blow your way.
but what set this one apart from the rest is the game play, I can't quite put whats unique about it, maybe its the sound effects? the nice graphics? or just the whole concept of the game itself.

see if you can pinpoint what makes this game tight:

You can get pathwind from the Nokia Store HERE
It's free


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