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Wednesday, March 7

Video shows New Windows Phone Tango Features

Microsoft's Tango update for WinPho7 will allow the WinPho7 OS to run on phones with only 256mb RAM (like the Lumia 610).
That's makes it possible for really low-end low-budget WP7 phones, allowing the WinPho7 platform to compete in the low, mid and high range of devices.
However, this comes as a price, a lot of features we take for granted on the normal WinPho7 will not be available on 256mb RAM Tango update, features like:
  • Processor intensive apps wouldn't be able to run on this update, Microsoft says that 5% of apps right now (fragmentation anyone??)
  • Fast app switching
  • Local Scout
  • Limited number of supported video compression formats
  • You wouldn't be able to manage audio and video podcasts
  • Skydrive auto upload.

So that's quite a few, but that's the price you pay for a very low end WP7.

On the other hand, a lot of improvements have been made, improvements like:
  • Attach multiple pics, video, audio to multimedia message (MMS)
  • New Location awareness icon
  • Import and export contacts between your phone and SIM card.
new location based icon on Tango

So here's a video demoing some of the new features on a pre-release version of Tango, video was uploaded by, and it shows an emulation of what the Tango update is like and a few of the features:

Sources: Neowin & windowsphonehacker


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