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Wednesday, March 21

Video: WordTiles (alternative to WordsWithFriends) now available for Nokia N9, Symbian^3 & S60v5 devices

Word Tiles is an alternative to the popular and addictive scrabble game "Words With Friends".

Word Tiles is a multi platform scrabble game, it available on Nokia's MeeGo running N9, S60v5 (N97, 5800, C6...)device and Symbian^3 devices (N8, E6, C7, 701...).
So whether you have any of these devices you can now enjoy this highly addictive game, where you can play with random opponents or against friends on practically any Nokia device (data connection needed). If you don't have data connection you can still enjoy it with friends by passing your phone between each other.

On the N9, Word Tiles is still in beta mode (and is thus FREE from the Nokia Store), it is very stable, nice game play, but there is a lot of improvements to be done.
Fumbo (the guys behind this game) have assured us of BIG BIG updates and improvements, and they have said the more people playing the game the faster the updates will come. So go grab Word Tiles from the Nokia Store.

Though at the time of writing this, Word Tiles isn't available in the Nokia Store for Symbian^3 Belle devices, though the developers have assured us they are working with Nokia on getting it back in the Store ASAP

So finally, We Nokia users can now enjoy online scrabble on our Symbian phones (who says Symbian is dead!)

Some Improvements/Features/Updates I would like to see are:

  • Word Tiles on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
  • Button to recall all tiles (remove all your tile from the board for when you decide to NOT make a move)
  • Option to accept or deny game invitations
  • See total score of tiles you put on board before you actually make that play
  • Option to rearrange tiles manually on your rack (right now we only have the shuffle button)
  • High Score Ranking
  • Chat support
  • highlight last word played (every time I go into an ongoing game I should be able to see straight away the last word played, either by me or my opponent)

See Word Tiles in action:

 Get it on your Nokia N9 for free: HERE

Get it on your N8 and other Belle devices HERE


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