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Thursday, April 19

10+1 Essential Apps for for your new Nokia Lumia 900

So you are waiting to get the white Lumia 900 this weekend or you already bought the black/cyan Lumia 900, it's amazing huh?
But the phone is not just amazing, it can be your utility belt too, arming you with apps and utilities you need to go through your day.
here's my list of apps I downloaded as soon as I got my Lumia 900, in no particular order:


Facebook: We are in social media age, everyone is connected with everyone, and Facebook is the most popular social media network today, with over 845million users on the network, while wouldn't you want to stay connected with friends and family. get the official Facebook app from the Marketplace, it's free.

 Rowi 2.0: Still on social media age, Twitter has nearly 500million users, chances are you are one of them and Rowi 2.0 gives you full twitter desktop experience like you are on your PC or laptop, Rowi2.0 supports lists, retweets, view other users profile, see what's trending, search, link photo sharing services like twitpic and more. you can get Rowi 2.0 for $2.99, but there is a lite version (with limited features) that's free!

4th & Major: 4th & Mayor is the best Foursquare client on windows phone, developed by actual Microsoft employees, it give you full access to your foursquare account, allows you to check-in, say hello to friends, earn badges and it gives you a chance to become mayor someday! It's Free from the marketplace.

Netflix: is a movie and TV streaming service, where you  watch your favorite TV shows and movies right from your phone, and what better way to do this than on a 4.3inch AMOLED screen with the fastest internet connection, yup, no buffering, no lag just pure entertainment. the App is free but you will still need to be a member before you can actually use this app (go to and register first)

 Flixster: if you are a movie-goer, and you probably go to the theatres every week, then Flixster is your handy app, it gives you reviews on latest and upcoming movies, find the nearest cinemas to your location, call them and book a spot, see showtimes, even see restaurants near the cinemas (in case you are on a movie date or something), you can do all this within the Flixster App. It's Free!

Accuweather: Before you make plans to go see a movie, wouldn't you like to know what the weather is like before that friday night? then get Accuweather, there are tons of weather forecast apps on windows phone, but Accuweather just does it for me, just pin the live tile of your location or any desired location and get updated on the weather. there are also live video of weather reports daily from meteorologists. It's Free!

YouTube Pro: Another reason to take advantage of your 4.3 inch screen is YouTube Pro, Full youtube on your phone, choose to watch videos in 360p 480p 720p or even 1080p HD, the images are stunning. you also have access to your youtube account where you can upload your videos too. There is the free version of YouTube pro (with Ads) and there's the one that costs $ (no Ads

Nokia Maps/Drive: the Best voice over navigation is here people, get it. Nokia Maps gives you live traffic updates, for instance yesterday, even though my roommate left for work 20mins before I did, but I caught up to him, how? because Nokia Maps gives you live traffic updates and you can see alternative routes, Nokia Maps/Drive also gives you speed limit alerts (Now you will never get a speeding ticket again) among others handy features. Nokia Maps/Drive is exclusive to only Nokia Lumia devices

SkyDrive: Your Lumia 900 has only 8GB of internal storage, but did you know that you have 25GB of SkyDrive space, transfer all your heavy videos, pic albums and save them on your SkyDrive, share with friends on Twitter or Facebook, or just transfer to a local hard drive for additional backup. SkyDrive is free for all Lumia 900 owners and other windows phones

iHeart Radio: Did you move from one state to another? maybe for work? start a new life? running from state police? then get iHeart radio, you can listen to any local radio station regardless of where you are, that's not all, you can even create your own customized radio station by artists, songs or genres. It's Free!

Pageonce: If you have forgotten to pay your bills and got charged a late fee then you are not alone, it happened to me a lot, I mean all those bills: Electricity, water, cable, car insurance, credit cards. how do you keep up, especially when all 100 of them have different due dates. The ultimate solution is here, Pageonce is a utility app that organizes all your bills in 1 view and sends you notifications when any of them is due, this is not your average "bill reminder" app where you key in a default amount and pick a date for it to remind you every month, NO! Pageonce actually uses your real Bill, how? just log in to your service account (for instance, visa credit card, Comcast or At&t) and Pageonce retrieves your bill info and notifies you of any payments, it even give you a graph of your expenses based on the accounts you entered, how awesome is that. Pageonce is the most useful app in the Marketplace IMHO! It's Free!

There are a lot more Apps in the Marketplace that you should try out, A feature of the marketplace Apps is that tou can download a trial version of any app and if you like it, you can just get the full version, that's something you wouldn't see on Android or iPhone. I have done demos on some of them, you can check them out in the Apps for Lumia Section (from my homepage, go to Nokia Lumia menu and click Appisodes from the drop down menu)


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