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Monday, April 23

Appisode 100: Translator App for your Lumia devices

Just last week, my younger sister asked me to make an app that allows to say anything into your phone and have your words translated into any language of your choice. She said I should hurry up and develop this "revolutionary app" before anyone else thought about it, LOL, little did she know Microsoft already had one complete.

Dear Sis, i give you the Translator App for windows phone.
Translator App, developed by Microsoft and does what its name implies, it translates, I'm sure you are wondering well so does any other translate app out there, whats so special about it?
 Let me now tell you what makes this app stand out from any other translator app on any mobile platform (Android, iPhone, MeeGo or Symbian).

It translates text, just key in your text and translate to any language of your choice.

it translates your voice, yup, just say anything and listen to the translated version.

Augmented translation, I don't think iPhone or Android has this, point your camera on any text and watch it translate it right before your eyes.

Other smartphones might have their own translator apps, but they are not smarter than the translator for windows phone.

But here's the crown jewel feature of the translator app, it works in offline mode, you can actually download a whole language pack, install it on your phone and use it offline, unlike the Android or iPhone variants which required internet connection, with Microsoft's Translator app, you can use it in offline mode.
For example say you are in a nice remote village (the avid traveler that your are) in Italy and it just so happens that there's no mobile internet connection there and you need to interact with locales to learn about their culture, you can talk to a native and have them speak into your phone and thanks to offline mode, you still get a translation even though there isn't any data connection

here's a video demo of the Translator App:

The Translator App can be found in the Windows Marketplace, It's free!


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