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Thursday, April 19

Appisode 93: Facebook App for Nokia Lumia Devices

When it first came out, the official Facebook app was really horrible, got it got a major update a few months ago and now it's pretty standard and gives you a nice UI and user experience, most of the features you would find on your facebook page (desktop) are available on the app.
It has a nice banner image that makes the app look sleek, plus you can set privacy setting from within the app, for instance you can set what group of your Facebook friends can see your activities.
The one problem I have with this app is that you cannot manage your Facebook page from the app, this has to be fixed (hope Microsoft/Facebook are reading this). But everything else is very good.
You cannot go wrong with this one.

With Facebook App...
You can post status updates, receive Live Tile updates, check your news feed, review upcoming events, 
check in to places, manage your inbox, upload photos, publish notes, accept friend requests, pin Places 
and Messages as Tiles, and look at your friends’ photos, walls and info.
And don’t forget about Facebook Chat - it’s built into the Messaging app on your Windows Phone.
New for version 2.3:  view Groups, visit Pages, set post privacy, view who Liked your posts, filter your 
Feed, view optional banner photos (turn on in settings), and enjoy the updated navigation.
New for version 2.4: restored Events link on main panorama.

Video Demo:

Get Facebook for Marketplace for free


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