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Thursday, April 19

Appisode 96: BigOven app for Nokia Lumia Devices

I just discovered BigOven from the Marketplace, don't ask how. Ok, I had dinner at this restaurant and they served something that I had never had before, and it was good, so I wondered if I could make that, though I asked for the recipe, I got no answer, so I searched the marketplace with my trusty Lumia 900 and came across BigOven, and sure enough I found it. I knew I would because BigOven has over 170,000 recipes in its inventory for you to try.
The app is free, but you will need to register with the website first, then install the app and log in with your new username.
BigOven not just lets you browse its HUGE inventory of recipes, there are nice features associated with the app too, like the "try soon" section, where you can save a recipe for later. You can add your own recipes too, you can even paste pics of recipes you were successful in preparing and also see pics from other wannabe chefs! 
If you register for a BigOven Pro membership ($1.50/month) you can get access to another feature called grocery list, with this you can open a recipe and automatically transfer the ingredients to your grocery list and then go shopping, pretty neat, to use this you will have to register pro membership, that's the downside.
but that aside, the BigOven is an amazing app (if you love to cook, are adventurous and love to try new things).

Video Demo:

You can get BigOven from the Marketplace for free

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  1. Thanks for your comment, and glad you liked BigOven! I'm the founder of BigOven.

    BigOven's PRO membership is just $15.99/year, and gives you a lot of extra features. See this link for more information on PRO membership:

  2. To clarify, the grocery list is integrated into BigOven. It's not another app. But at present, PRO membership is required to use the grocery list. Your grocery list is also available, fully synchronized, on, or on any of our other free mobile apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, NOOK, etc.