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Thursday, April 19

Appisode 97: SkyDrive App for Nokia Lumia Devices

The Lumia phones come with 8GB of internal storage and no MicroSD card slot, so just 8GB?? that's really not the case, Microsoft has given every windows phone user 25GB of free datastorage on its cloud storage system aka SkyDrive.
Just go to and enter your live account (associated with your phone) and access your 25GB space.
The only downside to SkyDrive is that you wouldn't be able to access it if you do not have data connection on your phone, also moving data between your phone and the Skydrive just consumes your data usage.

Anyway, the SkyDrive is available to download on your Lumia, it gives you access to your cloud space and also allows you to send links to friends or family and share your content.

Video Demo:

get SkyDrive (if you haven't) from the marketplace for free!


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