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Thursday, April 19

Appisode 98: Getglue App for Nokia Lumia Devices

What is GetGlue?
GetGlue is an entertainment-based social networking website for mobile devices. Users "check-in" to the 
entertainment that they consume using a website, mobile website, or a device-specific application.
It's gaining momentum this GetGlue and you would want to be a part of it, It's pretty simple, just like the 
foursquare app, you check-in, but there's just one BIG difference, you are not checking in to places, you 
are checking in to your fave TV shows, movies, Books, Music, and other activities. You can also interact 
with other GetGlue users and talk about your fave anything! check in to gain more badges and get awarded 
stickers too. Unlike foursquare, there are no mayorships though!
This App however, looks more like the website in mobile version, but it does the job!

Video Demo:
Get GetGlue for WP7 from the marketplace for free.


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