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Saturday, April 14

Apple Co Founder Steve Wozniak desires the Nokia Lumia 900

Steve holding an iPhone? someone, put the lumia 900 in his hand please!

If this is an elaborate publicity stunt, then it's a darn good one. Steve Wozniak, Co Founder of Apple Inc (makers of the iPhone) is going to pick up the Nokia Lumia 900 from the At&t Store.

Steve Wozniak is the coolest geek in the world, personally I think he made being a geek look cool!

He shared his FourSquare check-in on twitter, early Friday morning, while getting breakfast at denny's adding the following comments: Breaking to waste time awaiting opening of At&t to see if Lumia 900 available

So how does the founder of Apple tweet about a rival? I think it's one of two things...
1.) the Lumia 900 is so awesome that it got the attention of Steve or 2.) that Steve lost a bet and had to tweet this! I will go with 1.)

Steve Wozniak is a tech savvy guy and he is always eager to check out the latest the industry has to offer and the Lumia 900 is a pretty sweet device that he noticed it! Either way, it's good publicity!

Would love to hear what he thinks of it though.


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