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Friday, April 20

At&t;'s funny TV commercial for the Nokia Lumia 900

There are now a bunch of SmartPhoneBetaTest TV Ads which takes jabs at Nokia's rivals Android and iPhone, while maybe just one of them is slightly funny.

But no one does funny Ads better than At&t (in the Network carrier business), they have been in the game long enough and know America loves funny Ads (Just watch the Super Bowl during half time).
At&t's TV Ad for the Lumia 900 is quite funny and is something a lot of people can relate to and laugh about too, I know I have tried the stunt in this video before and FYI it works 50% of the time :-)

Oh Megan, when did you get here? lol

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  1. Funny ad? huh?

    Maybe in another country where the emotional context is different. For us, it's just weird and lame.

    Here's America's REAL reaction to this commercial.