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Tuesday, April 24

At&t; President ignores iPhone, shows off "beautifully different" White Nokia Lumia 900

We all felt the earth rumble when Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder tweeted that he was going to pick up the Nokia Lumia 900,

Now the latest unlikely person to follow is At&t President Ralph De La Vega, iPhone accounts for probably half of At&t's smartphone sales,but in a bold move Ralph showed off not an iPhone but a white Nokia Lumia 900, much to the dismay of iPhone users. though he did note he had an iPhone conveniently tucked away in his bag.

At&t President Ralph De La Vegas showed off the "white Lumia 900" in an interview with CNBC, he was asked about the iPhone sales and about the iPhone 5 but instead he decided to show off his personal device... the white Nokia lumia 900!

you can watch that video HERE... it's mainly talk about the iPhone but you can just skip to the 7min mark to see the good stuff!

Source: CNBC


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