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Friday, April 27

Do you want to win a Nokia Lumia 900 #CaptionthatLumia


When I unwittingly tweeted this pic this morning on twitter, and asked for help in captioning it.
I didn't realize it would inspire @benthePCguy to start a contest, the prize? A Nokia Lumia 900.

So if you have a twitter account, tweet a caption for the photo above, make sure you add the hashtag #captionthatlumia, if @benthepcguy picks your caption as the best you win!! it's that simple.
you can tweet as many captions as they come to your mind, just remember to add the hashtag #captionthatlumia

Hurry up. The contest ends on Sunday April 29th, at 1159pm PST

I have seen some hilarious tweets already like "got gloss" "i got more bars than you" and many more. Think you can do better, then get tweeting.

Good luck...


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