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Tuesday, April 3

Leaked Photo: Nokia's "Glow-in-the-dark" Windows Phone 8

The first thing I thought when I first saw this supposedly leaked image of Nokia's Windows Phone 8 device is "do those glow in the dark?".

Nokia's known for unleashing phones in rainbow colors, but if this one is true, I think they have gone too far, and to make it worse there's no black version, just in BRIGHT green, purple and Orange (or red, I dunno).

It's obviously fake, (though you are free to take this with a HEAVY dose of salt), IMO, it's just a very neat mock up of the image we saw last week of Nokia's design patent:

Well, According to the tipster who sent the image to the people at phonearena, which is claimed to be originating from the confines of Nokia, and allegedly is some sort of a non-final poster template.

If anything, it looks like Nokia's just prepping what their WP8 poster with slogan will look like and just put a generic phone design to see what it would look like... for testing purposes.

Nothing to see here folks!

Source: PhoneArena   via    WMPU


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