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Friday, April 13

Lumia 900 update now available (FW v2175.1000.8112.12084)

In a week of the Lumia 900's launch in the US, Nokia has managed to put out an update.
If I am not mistaken, Nokia has managed to break the record between a Phone release and first update.

The Lumia 900 was released last Monday (Apr. 8th), though people (like me) who pre-ordered got it on the 6th.

Before the update, (100%) battery lasts only 10hours

In that time, there has been wild complaints about the data connection abruptly disconnecting and the battery life not holding a charge. I never got any of these problems with my Lumia 900 until this morning.
I had charged my phone overnight and when I woke up this morning i had 100% and it said 10hours of battery life remaining, I call NokiaCareUS and they took down my information (IMEI, phone number and the rest).
during the day I now experienced data disconnections and to make matters worse, by 12:30pm I had 49% of battery left! it was turning out to be a crappy Friday.

until around 3pm today when my phone notified me of an update!

It's my understanding that an update is supposed to be available on Apr.16th (Monday). Now I do not know if this is the same update that will fix the data problem and battery problem, i just updated less than an hour ago and it will take at least 48hours for me to determine if there are any differences. As I cannot find any change log pertaining to this update.

If this is the Apr 16th update, then all I can say is WOW!!! Nokia really committed, another record for Nokia, pushing out an update ahead of schedule. Kudos

My previous phone firmware was 2175.1000.8112.12082 and
the new update is 2175.1000.8112.12084. So it just went from 12082 to 12084 (not that much of a revision there).

[UPDATE:] NokiaUS confirms (via twitter) this update is the FIX we have been waiting for and it's out 3days ahead of schedule:

To learn more about this update, read official release from NokiaUS


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