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Tuesday, April 17

Lumia devices will NOT get the WP8 Apollo update?

For a while, many have speculated if existing windows phone will get the WP8 Apollo update.
For weeks, many have begun worrying if existing devices would get this update or if they would be left out.
I don't know how this speculation started, maybe it was due to the success of Lumia phones?

He Said:
Well, one of today's news it that the highly anticipated WP8 update (that will truly bring Windows Phone OS up to par with its iPhone and Android rivals) will also come to previous WP7.5 devices, including Nokia's Lumia devices, with major improvements to Windows Phone 7.

Nuno Silva, a Microsoft Evangelist in an interview with Zwame (a Portuguese forum) confirms that the WP8 update (codenamed: Apollo) will will available to ALL windows phones, even the first generation, pre-mango windows phones like the LG and Samsung handsets.


I guess the Lumia 610 will also get the update. As you recall, before the release of the Lumia 610, it was speculated that it would run a different flavor of the OS to accommodate for its hardware constraints (256MB as opposed to the normal 512MB minimum).

She Said:
Now, theVerge is reporting that the existing Lumia devices will NOT get the update, according to sources inside Microsoft, there will NOT be an upgrade path from Mango to Apollo!
Bummer! I hope I get a refund if this is true!

The WP8 Apollo update is expected for release sometime this fall, around the same time the Windows 8 OS is set to debut.

now, do you see why I like to categorize these rumours under he said/she said... Let's wait and see.

Source: WMPU 

Source: TheVerge


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