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Monday, April 16

My Week with the Nokia Lumia 900

So it's been a week since I have had the Nokia Lumia 900, and what a week it was, the data connection and battery issue, the quick fix that Nokia released in record time and not to mention the $100 credit to your at&t bill.
Like any device there are pros and cons. Some things I really liked about the Lumia 900 and so not so much...

It's running windows phone, I am still not a fan of windows phone (until WP8 Apollo comes out). Symbian or even MeeGo are light years ahead of Windows Phone 7.5. WP has a long way to go when it comes to mobile OSes, Nokia has done them a huge favor by making the best hardware to carry this OS, now it's just left to them to make it better than the best.

I, for one don't like the metro UI (tiles) and the lack of customization just makes that worse!
The volume calibration is awful, putting your volume at 2/30 and at 28/30 has no difference, the level of audio output is still the same, so there are pretty much only 2 audio levels: mute and loud.
Then there's the annoying rattling the device makes when it vibrates, i dunno if the vibrator module isn't positioned right or the phone just vibrates at a higher than normal frequency, but either way, Nokia will have to do something about that.
In my one week with the Lumia 900, I found the WP7 OS to be lacking in some essential features; Multi-tasking, you might be able to see what apps are running.. funny I used that word "running" especially since apps in the background are NOT running, they are in some kind of sleep mode (on pause) until you open the app, to close the apps "running" is a totally different thing all together, as there are no close buttons in the multitask view.
Another problem I have with WP7, price of apps are too damn high! The same App on the iPhone is $0.99, on android it's free and on WP7 it's ... wait for it>>> $4.99 (that's how much I buy lunch at work), and if you have to choose between lunch and an app then it's really not worth it.
WP7 is missing popular/essential apps & games, like Draw Something, Words with friends, Pandora, Angry Birds Space, Cut the Rope, Wellsfargo, and there are no alternatives to the official Facebook app (which sucks).
Also the Nokia Maps/Drive still lacks features that make its Symbian counterpart solid.

One of the most fascinating things about the Lumia 900 is the look and feel of the device. For first time users, it's simply a sight to behold especially the cyan version, little wonder why it was sold out after a couple of days since launch.
I am now used to holding the phone in my hand and elevating my arm just between my belly and my chest, people don't look at me in the face anymore, they just notice the CYAN Lumia 900, that's how eye catching the device is.
And with the matte finish, the feel of the device is solid and you can hold it with a firm grip, though I would advice getting a soft cover.

I am not used to 4.3inch phones, in fact, before this I have always been content with my 3.5inch N8, I even found the 3.9inch N9 pretty bulky, so when it came to the 4.3inch Lumia 900, I had to make a few adjustments. I thought putting the phone in my pocket would be uncomfortable and make my trousers (pants) bulgy but I think the curved edges of the device kind of solves that problem and with that huge 4.3inch display, it's not bad at all (try watching a HD video from YouTube to see how awesome the picture is) or even better Netflix!
Oh and i used the phone outside, I could see clearly everything that was displayed on the screen, something android and iPhone users take for granted.
The Speakers are alright, and are located nicely beneath the phone and they are pretty loud and clear.
Call quality on the device is also superb (both with internal and external speakers)
LTE internet is really blazing fast, believe it or not, but the LTE is faster than my home wireless internet service, which I find quite odd.
I also like how I can sync all my snapped photos and videos via SkyDrive.
And OneNote, allows me to sync documents between my phone and my PC (seamless connection
But one of the things I love about windows phone is the QWERTY keyboard, very responsive and even when you make "fat finger" errors it automatically corrects them. I have tested out the keyboard compared to my N8 and N9 and it's the best by a margin (video on that coming soon).
Then the browser, Internet Explorer IE is really really good on the WP7, I think its better than the Symbian's of MeeGo's, really stable and fluid and it's fully customizable as you can choose between desktop and mobile modes for viewing websites
Another positive about the 900 is that so far it has 95% of the apps I need.

At the end of the day, I am just curious to see if the Lumia 900 will be updated to WP8, Because that's really what I am looking forward to but in the meantime, apart from the few shortcomings of the WP7 OS, the Lumia 900 is an absolutely magnificent device.


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