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Friday, April 20

New Nokia Lumia 900 Bully Ad focuses on Superb Carl Zeiss Camera

SmartPhoneBetaTest, the Ad Campaign Nokia is using to push the Nokia Lumia 900 is out with another new TV commercial.

This new video (aka Zeiss) focuses on the inability of Android/iPhone to take high quality pictures.

It's funny because I tweeted earlier how the picture quality on the Lumia 900 was not good, but I only said that because I was spoiled for 2 years with the amazing picture quality on the N8. No phone matches it, at least until the 808 PureView comes out.

In this latest Ad, Nokia attacks its rivals (Android & iPhone) and how their phones take crappy pictures... NICE

IMO, Nokia is taking this campaign a little aggressively, and I applaud it, in fact they should put out more attack Ads, some might call it mud slinging (especially those who don't live in the US or understand how marketing works here), but its not mud slinging, especially when you are stating fact and consumers need to know the truth and need to know there's an alternative to their beta phones!

In the US market, you will NOT succeed if you play Mr. Nice Guy, just ask Nokia's friend Microsoft how Apple murdered them when they did the "Mac vs. PC Guy" Ad campaign.
Nokia have learned the ways of the force in the US Market.

But I should like to add a word or two to Nokia's Ad team, They will still need to put out Ads focused not on the inadequacies of Android or iPhone, but focused on 2 things; the high quality of the hardware and younger people (this is the true demographic that would easily switch or try new things)

Oh lest I forget, just the other day, I met a German (probably in his 50s), he fancied my Lumia 900 and he took a keen liking to it when he saw the "Carl Zeiss" brand on the camera and went on this long speech on how Carl Zeiss made the best Lens in the world.


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