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Monday, April 16

New SmartPhoneBetaTest Video Ad: Design

Here's another video from SmartPhoneBetaTest.
The message in this latest campaign video is "unique design". All Android phones look the same, generic black rectangular slabs made out of cheap plastic, and the iPhone is no different, you can only distinguish an iPhone based on the case you put on it!
Nokia has the upper hand here and they are flaunting it, almost all Nokia phones come in a unique design and are available in different colors, giving the user the ability to express themselves.
That is the message Nokia is sending through this video:

Though some might conclude that if everyone then buys a Lumia 900 when is the uniqueness, self expression will be gone, well not necessarily, see over the coming months, the Lumia 900 should become available in white and magenta, that's 4 different colors, those are choices and they do allow you be unique (sort of).

All this just reminds me of the days when you could but customized casings and change the entire body of a phone easily (no screws or bolts or nuts). swappable phone casings. Nokia should bring that back!


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