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Tuesday, April 24

No more marketplace access in Zune Software!

Microsoft announced today that is it dropping (or rather has dropped) the marketplace feature from its Zune software, you will no longer be able to browse and purchase app from within Zune anymore.

In a statement on its official windows phone blog, Microsoft said this was due to the fact that showed most users access the marketplace directly from their phones or the actual marketplace website.
Resources used to maintain the marketplace section of Zune will be utilized elsewhere (where it matters).

Some see this as the beginning of the end for Zune, as Windows 8 nears its release, Microsoft might terminate the Zune software as most of its functions will be fully integrated into the new OS, hence no need really for Zune!

On the other side however, Nokia has rebuilt and even added access to the "Nokia Store" from within the Nokia PC Suite.
I guess both companies have different ideas on how users should access their Store!

Via: WPCentral

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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