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Tuesday, April 17

Nokia Biggest Fan (Part III): The Final Conclusion & Happiest Ending ever!

This should be the third and final part to the series: Nokia's Biggest Fan I have be running on my blog.
It tells the Adventures of GeneralTheDestroyer, a devout Nokia Fan. The story starts in Part I: Nokia's Biggest Fan, where the General found himself really pissed that he had pre-ordered the Lumia 900 and FedEx failed to delivered on time.
Part I:

Well, in Part II: Nokia's Biggest Fan, the Cyan Lumia 900, was eventually delivered to the General on Monday Apr 9th, and boy was he excited about it!

Part II:

We all thought, you know that story ended in Part II, Nope, it turns out its NOT a 2 part series, It's a trilogy and the third part is just AMAZING!!

Part III:

To Nokia's Biggest Fan, Chris Weber (US President, Nokia) sent the generalthedestroyer a couple of Nokia shirts and a sh*t load of accessories; Nokia Play wireless speakers, a couple of Purity Monster in-ear headsets, Purity HD Monster headphones all valued at more than $500.
Congrats General!

I don't know what other company does stuff like this randomly, It's pretty awesome stuff.

Nokia is on course to knocking Apple off the top of best customer service company in the US. #IMHO

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