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Thursday, April 19

Nokia bringing Symbian Features to its Windows Phone 8 OS

One of the perks Nokia got from its partnership with Microsoft, is that they will be able to customize the WinPho OS with little restrictions, unlike other OEMs.

I guess that's one of the reasons many Nokia Fans are waiting for the WinPho8 upgraded devices (assuming current Lumia series don't get it).As it would come with features that made us love Symbian.

Imagine if Nokia brings all the features that made Symbian a household name, then minus it's laggy behavior plus WinPho's smoothness. Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a hit!
Well, thankfully Nokia knows this too, and are working towards bringing Symbian features to WinPho.

Speaking at a conference today, S. Elop (Nokia CEO) said Nokia is in the process of fixing some of the shortcomings of Windows Phone and bringing the most requested for features from its Symbian OS to WP8.

Elop said "Wi-Fi hotspot tethering capabilities; Vcard sending and receiving, which turns out to be the most often requested capability from existing Symbian users; data voice and messaging tracking capability for cost control; panorama image capabilities that stitch together multiple images to create a great photographic experience; and the introduction of a DLNA client for television connectivity,"
Reading about the features that are currently missing from windows phone, it then begins to make more sense why windows phone is soo far behind its rivals, the list of features missing makes it hard for me to even call it a smartphone OS. Even the most basic of smartphone features like multi-tasking is not available in WinPho. Yet Nokia Lumia 900 is selling like crazy in the US. Microsoft really owes Nokia a lot, wouldn't you say? I mean, it's clear people are buying the Lumia purely because of the great hardware quality, OS comes second nature.

But what about UI? It will be interesting to see what Nokia does with the current windows phone UI, they probably would retain the tiles interface, maybe tweak it abit and then add swipe features (which made the N9 popular).

Ooh I can't wait...

Source: PCMag



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