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Saturday, April 14

Nokia Classics: Nokia 6110

If you are less than 18yrs, you are probably thinking what the heck is that? Well, this is the Nokia 6110 and that pointy thing on the top right corner is called an antenna, yea I know what you are thinking, phones did have antennae that stuck out like the antennae that stuck out of the transistor radios.
Today, Most people are oblivious to the fact that phone still have antennae, they are just small and hidden inside!

But that's not why the Nokia 6110 is a classic, it is a Nokia device of many "firsts"

First to have the popular game "Snake", Snake was the "angry birds" of today, and though many mobile platforms have tried to re-create the classic on the new touchscreen but it's quite not the same experience as playing it on a numeric keypad phone.
You could also play snake in multi-player style by connecting 2 phones via infrared port,

classic snake

It was the first to have menu icons, menu icons? So what did phones have before then? just a keypad and phonebook that held no more than 100contacts!

and the first to carry a infrared port (Bluetooth wasn't introduced back then yet), yes before Bluetooth and the emergence of NFC, data was transferred between devices with infrared ports, infra red was pretty revolutionary back then, it allowed you to sent contact info, small files by aligning the infrared ports of the two handsets and transferred your data, the transfer rate was really low but then again files being transferred were never even up to 2mb (which was a lot back then)

The Nokia 6110 was a masterpiece in its time! It featured a calculator app, clock, calender, currency converter, it even worked as a pager, had profile settings and came in 4 colors


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