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Friday, April 6

Nokia Launches the Lumia 900 in Times Square NYC,with help from Pop Sensation Nicki Minaj

Nicki flaunting the Lumia 900 that she doesn't use
Nokia launched the Lumia 900 in Times Square, NY with live performance by female pop/rap sensation Nicki Minaj.

Nokia Conversations says it was a smashing event. Countless people filled the streets of NY today April 6th to witness the launch of the Lumia 900 and enjoyed live music from Nicki Minaj, She delivered a wild performance which no doubt was loved by the fans who got to see her perform for absolutely FREE, thanks to Nokia

Nokia US will have video of the event tomorrow on their Facebook Page. at 7pm EST

Nicki performing

It's important to note that Nicki Minaj uses a Blackberry :-( as you will notice from her tweets.
Can someone get her to use the phone for at least a day? Jeez!!
The event didn't last that long though, but hopefully the impression will, hopefully Nokia has succeeded in delivering a message to everyone and that's "We are back"

Large turn out at Lumia 900 launch

Now that Lumia 900 is in the hands of users (those who pre-ordered), it's now left to hear user reactions about the device.

The Lumia is Nokia and Microsoft's desperate attempt to at least gain some ground from iPhone and Android.

Now that the fun is over let's get down to business, I have my Nokia Lumia 900, I just got it today as I was one of the may who pre ordered it.
I got mine in Cyan. It's amazing, love the screen and the colors!

Remember to watch the event on Nokia US Facebook Page tomorrow at 7PM EST

Source: Nokia Conversations


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