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Saturday, April 14

Nokia Lumia 900 coming in Magenta (this Mother's Day)??

Here's a pic of the Magenta Lumia 900 taken from the demo screen at one of the Microsoft stores by one of the readers at WPCentral.

There has been rumours of a magenta variant being in the works, scheduled for a Mother's Day release, and this latest pic further confirms the existence of this color variant. However, there is still no confirmation of when it will be available, as the Mother's day is still speculation but does seem plausible. if you remember the red Lumia 800 was released in Microsoft Stores on Valentine's day, so don't be surprised, judging from the color (more feminine), a mother's day release makes a lot of sense now!

Unlike the Magenta variant, which neither At&t or Nokia or Microsoft has acknowledged or confirmed, The white Lumia 900 will be available on Apr 22, in about a week, for those who are purists!

Source: WPCentral


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