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Monday, April 9

Nokia Lumia 900 now available at your local At&t; Stores + Cyan's sold out

AT&T today started selling the new 4G LTE-capable sleek, award-winning Nokia Lumia 900 in stores.
You can now pick up any of the Black or cyan Lumia 900s (White will be available starting April 22nd).
The Cyan 900 is already a HIT, as some stores are already reporting that they are sold out on the Cyan version, which makes absolute sense, Americans are tired of the generic black plastic phones and are trying something different and let's not forget it stands out from the crowd

You can get the Lumia 900 for $99 for existing customers and it's free for new customers at At&t.
Though there are even better deals at Amazona who have it for $49 for existing customers, Walmart also has the Lumia 900 available.
The launch is an important milestone for partners Microsoft and Nokia, and an AT&T spokesman said the Lumia 900 will be a centerpiece of its spring advertising campaign.
You may have seen the different commercials on air run by both Nokia and At&t.

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  1. Nice!! I hope it all goes well for Microsoft & Nokia!