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Tuesday, April 10

Nokia Lumia 900 now up for pre-order in the UK (free Play 360 speakers)

Nokia's Lumia 900 is now available to pre-order in the UK through Phones4U and the Carphone Warehouse, with availability expected "in the coming weeks."

Phones4U now has the Lumia 900 for pre-order and expected delivery is April 27th and to sweeten the deal they are offering the Lumia 900 in all colors, they also have exclusive rights to the white version (just like they do with the white 800 and 720), to further sweeten the deal, those who pre-order it will get a free Nokia Play 360 speakers (worth $200), now that's a bargain. Makes me feel like those of us in the US got totally ripped off! Lucky guys.

while the CarPhone Warehouse also has the phone for pre-order and promise delivery sometime in May.

The Nokia Lumia 900 UK version will not run on LTE but rather use HSPA+ (4G) and that is pretty much the only difference between it and its US version that was released yesterday.

Though Nokia has not officially announced an availability date for the Lumia 900 in the UK,

we might expect it to be this April, as it is already available with rogers Canada, so all indications show Nokia is indeed in a rush to get this device in the hands of New users and iPhone, Android and Blackberry converts.

Pre-order from Phones4U

Source: TheVerge


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