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Tuesday, April 3

Nokia Lumia 900: Reviews! Reviews!! Reviews!!!

I'm still in awe with what happened today. Every Gadget Blog put out a review for the Nokia Lumia 900 today.
For some reason I do not understand, Today the flodd gates for Nokia Lumia 900 reviews were opened, and reviews are pouring in, it's the "Niagara falls" of Lumia 900 reviews today.

I have been reading them, ok I have been trying to read all of them, but for every 1 review I read another 2 reviews pop up.

There are reviews from:

PCWorld, who gives the phone 4 stars out of 5 and calls it "The Best Windows Phone so far"

Engadget says Nokia's imaging know-how elevates this device beyond its workhorse performance and into a realm that quite nearly rivals the heights attained by Samsung's Galaxy S II and Apple's iPhone 4S.

BWOne says Nokia has given Windows Phone the hardware it needs to compete now Microsoft needs to bring the software up another notch to match it. The Nokia Lumia 900 hands down the best Windows Phone available in the U.S. market.

N9 vs. Lumia 900

TheVerge says In all, it's a fantastic piece of technology. It just looks and feels like nothing else on the market. It hits all the right notes for me

CNET, who gave the Lumia 900 best Smartphone at CES also has alot to say about the Lumia 900, saying Nokia has done a great job with hardware and its Microsoft's turn to return the favour (WIndows Phone 8)

Consumer Reports even had a review out today, they say "With its large, beautiful display, handy controls, and nimble camera, the Nokia Lumia 900 (available on April 8 for $100 with a two-year contract) looks like an excellent choice for tapping into the increasingly compelling experience of the Windows Phone operating system. It will only get better when (or if) Microsoft fixes some minor but annoying limitations in its OS."

Even USA Today had something to say in their review "Against the iPhone and Android, Nokia faces formidable competition. But with an attractive price, refreshing operating system and a growing supply of apps, Nokia may be well on the way to crafting a compelling comeback story." Also calling it a Bold Comeback for Nokia

In WPCentral Review, they conclude by saying "The Nokia Lumia 900 is a solid and simply gorgeous Windows Phone. For $99 on contract (and often even cheaper) or $450 off-contract, the price is perfect to win over many new converts."

Pocketnow has a nice review too, to wrap up they say " Nokia has always been known as the best mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The Lumia 900 is here to remind you of that.
They also give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

PCMag reviewed it too, The Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T is a powerful, easy-to-use Windows Phone. It's great, as long as you don't need Words With Friends or some other apps you might find on an iPhone or an Android phone.

GiGaOM has one too, calling it as it is "Well built, smartly designed hardware. I’ve often said that Nokia’s problem was never hardware; the company always built great devices. And the Lumia 900 is no exception."

SlashGear says "A solid and stylish build, reliable software and excellent value should put this phone on your short list, no matter what you’re currently using" 

 There are a million more reviews LIVE right now, I cannot post all of them, just too many. these are just the few I have read so far

IMO, I prefer GSMArena reviews, they are thorough and precise and unbiased (some reviews, I have read are). That's why they take their time with these things I guess


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