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Tuesday, April 24

Nokia Lumia Challenge: Episode 1 (Find a nearby Deal)

Nokia recently uploaded a video for its "Lumia Challenge" promo.
It is similar to the "Smoked by Windows Phone" run by Microsoft, where you go against a windows phone with your android or iPhone and see who is faster at performing everyday tasks, tasks like "snapping a pic, tagging it and uploading to facebook/twitter or finding a nearby restaurants (spoiler alert: Lumia always wins)..

In Episode 1, the Nokia Guy, Marco Tempest challenges an iPhone 3GS user to see who can find a nearby deal.. The Nokia Guy wins of course, by using the Groupon app (pinned to his start screen), he has immediate access to nearby deals, while the iPhone user is still typing "nearby d..." on his phone, lol.

I always love to see the look on their faces when they lose... Priceless!

The point of these "smoked by windows phone" or "Lumia Challenge" promos is to show that the windows Phone OS is centered around the user to make things easier and faster.

This was Episode 1 of the "Lumia Challenge", so we will be looking forward to more episodes then!


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