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Sunday, April 29

Nokia N9 PR1.3 coming this May??

It's no news that Nokia has been teasing the PR1.3 update for the Nokia N9, calling it a "small but valuable" update. The PR1.2 update only got pushed out a couple of months ago.

According to a Russian MeeGo blog, Someone from a MeeGo fanblog was eager to find out more details on the next update, so they contacted Nokia - and Nokia answered. Reportedly, a Nokia representative said that the update will be out by the end of May and confirmed that the update is small, but it would contain many surprises.

The Nokia representative couldn't comment on whether the Skype app for the N9 will support video calling, like the Google Talk Video Call app already does (Skype is a third-party app after all).

This is a rumour, Nokia has not come out officially to say when we will get the update, so take with some salt (seasoned salt).

Source: GSMArena


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