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Wednesday, April 4

Nokia TV Officially announced, Heading to Home Country Finland first!

Nokia Conversations today announced the latest addition to Nokia's Lumia entertainment services which includes Nokia Music and Nokia Reading.

We only heard about the new service a few days ago through unofficial sources, but now it's official.

Nokia TV allows users of Lumia smartphones to conveniently browse or search through the available catalogues of catch-up TV services from major local broadcasters and then stream a chosen show directly to their phone - without any sign up or registration.

Nokia TV will launch in Finland in the coming weeks. though we expect it to be released in other markets as well in the near future

Mika Suomela, head of TV and video at Nokia says  
“With Nokia TV we are bringing existing services in Finland together in a convenient way. We’re making it easier for people to find and watch TV, while supporting broadcasters’ existing internet TV business models,”
“Finland is the ideal country in which to introduce this service due to its advanced mobile user base and great existing broadcaster catch-up TV services.”

 With this latest addition, I must say Nokia's Collection section in the marketplace is getting crowded.

What other Nokia Service would you like to see them bring to their Nokia Collection on Lumia phones??

Source: Nokia Conversations


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