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Friday, April 13

Nokia TGIF: "Amazing Everyday" with love from Russia

Nokia kicked off its "amazing everyday" campaign across the globe to introduce its Lumia line to customers.

There are a lot of amazing everyday videos from UK, France, Austraila, India, South Africa.

But I think the brilliant, creative and possibly the funniest I have seen is from Russia:

Using the element of surprise and excitement, The guys from Nokia Russia, treat random passengers on the elevator to amazing stuff!

The first shows Rovio's famous Angry Birds just goofing around, it's just fun to watch:

What if you were in an elevator surrounded with HOT girls and all of a sudden they all take their clothes off and started dancing, pretty amazing... NOT the phones, the girls :)

If you thought those two videos were amazing, I saved the best for last, personally I would have peed my pants if this happened to me, lol... brilliant stunt

These videos have close to 1 million views, which only proves how creative and funny they are.
I think the US should adopt a similar stand in its "amazing everyday" campaign, though I don't think Nokia is going the "amazing" route here, we have already seen the "your smartphone is a beta phone" campaign kick off in the US, I don't think we will see "amazing" here.


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