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Monday, April 23

Nokia to sell 1million Lumia 900s by end of June!

According to data put together by Town Hall Investment Research, the Nokia Lumia 900 should have sold up to 1 MILLION units by the end of the Q2.

Though this number is based on a very successful Windows Developer: FourBros Studios, makers of the most popular game on WP7 phones; Taptitude, (it has been downloaded more than 300,000 times, it is a free app that fetches the developers $1,400/day from Ads)

Town Hall reports...

In this regard, we were intrigued by a recent analysis from Aapo Markkanen, Senior Analyst with ABI Research. In a brief Insight, Aapo alluded to a recent blog post from an independent app developer, FourBros Studio. In the post, FourBros highlighted its recent success with Taptitude, a free game on WP7. It further highlights how the app’s user base was split among different WP7 devices over the last thirty days. Aapo then took the data, made some assumptions and came up with the conclusion that Lumia 900 sales at AT&T are tracking at a level in excess of 1 million for Q2, 2012. Should this be accurate, we believe it would significantly exceed street expectations for the Lumia 900 and be the first real indicator of potential success for Nokia and Microsoft.

Nevertheless, for such a figure to be reached using any method or data is a pretty good sign that last Q1's drastic fall in Nokia Stock was just a pit that Nokia's climbing out of.

The Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan is currently sold out at At&t stores and online retailers, and Nokia has said they have upped production to meet up with demand, while the white version of the device just got released over the weekend.

Source: WMPU


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