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Saturday, April 14

Nokia working on Folders for its WP8 Apollo?

Nokia will be given more customization room when Windows Phone 8 (codename Apollo) is released to OEMs, and one of the options they would like to add to the yet to be released mobile OS is the addition of folders

Nokia was asking for feedback on the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 via a user survey and one interesting question was  "I would like to be able to arrange apps into folders on the apps screen" was asked with a rating system ranging from "Disagree strongly" to "Agree strongly".

It's possible that Nokia is thinking about adding folder customization to WP8, and is seeking user opinion on how interested they would be to see it introduced into the OS and frankly that's the right way to go about it. In the last year Nokia's direct communication with the end user has been remarkable, and no doubt that will yield dividends in the near future.

Source: WPCentral


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