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Saturday, April 28

Nokia's $100 has begun rolling out to Lumia 900 users

When the Nokia Lumia 900 was released 3 weeks ago, it had a software glitch that causes your data connection to abruptly disconnect, Nokia said this was a memory error and they put out an update to fix the problem.
To safe face and reward users for their patience, Nokia offered every Nokia Lumia 900 user who bought the phone before the 21st of May a $100 At&t bill credit.

At&t sent a text message to all its Lumia 900 users yesterday informing them that they should see a $100 credit appear in their bill within 60days.

The Text says...
 A software update may be available for your Nokia Lumia 900, To see if your phone has an update available, visit for instructions. Nokia is providing a $100 AT&T bill credit for any inconvenience. Credit may take up to 60 days to appear on bill

This credit has begun rolling out,
The $100 credit is now here, I checked my At&t bill online and saw I had been credited with $100.


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