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Monday, April 16

Nokia's calling on all devs>>>

So what's all about?

The Code Warrior

The Answer>>>
Nokia Developers go out and find the most sort after apps (words with friends? Pandora? draw something?) for Lumia and windows phone. they put these apps on a "bounty board".

The Bounty Board is a list of the most wanted apps for the Windows Phone platform, as requested by consumers and developers. The board includes new app ideas and apps requested to be ported to the Windows Phone platform.

Now this is where it gets interesting, for every App you (developer) code and deliver (the App has to be from that "bounty board", you can earn ca$h, free Lumia devices, Prizes and badges, you can also earn a spot as one of the biggest baddest most feared code warriors on earth!

To kick off the Code Warrior site and the Bounty Hunter Challenge, Nokia Developer will have Bounty Hunter Hacks in multiple cities across the US and Canada beginning in May.  You can sign up individually or form your own app posse for the hacks to start tracking down your first bounty.

The rules are simple. Build an app listed on the “bounty board”.  Satisfying a bounty awards you the associated prize, and we will be putting up 100 Nokia Lumia devices per city as the initial prize pool. In addition, the top 3 created apps, top student created app, and best dressed Bounty Hunter (use your imagination!) will be awarded extra prizes.

1st place:                                   $500 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900
2nd place:                                  $250 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900
3rd place:                                   $100 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900
Student Winner:                        $150 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900
Best Bounty Hunter Look:        $100 gift card & Nokia Lumia 900

As a Code Warrior, you can also submit your own app idea to the board and build it. In short, developers can port their existing app from another platform or create a new app to fulfill a bounty.
If you are interested in this (as a developer or friend of a developer); go to TheCodeWarrior and enter your email to get notified when the challenge kicks off.

I think it's a really nice way to get developers interested in windows phone and consumers get the apps they so desperately need, so it's essentially a win win for both parties.

Say for instance, consumers demand that "draw something" be ported to their Lumia, and it is added to the bounty board, any developer can see it and looking at the incentive involved, can take it upon themselves to develop that app for Lumia. It's all about incentives at the end, but in this case the consumer essentially calls the shots on what apps they want to see on their phones.

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  1. And???


    And?????? Think about it????? And????? WHERE IS THE FRACKING BOUNTY BOARD?

    LOL, they want people to do something, didn't occur to them, to make it possible to do it.