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Thursday, April 19

Now Rumour has it that WP8 Apollo is being tested on Lumia 800

Rumors have been going around in circles on whether or not existing Windows Phone 7 devices (610 710 800 900) will get the WP8 Apollo update.
In the last day, it's being a ridiculous case of HE Said/She Said.
First, some Microsoft Evangelist in portugal, in an interview with Portuguese forum Zwame said existing WP7 phones will get the upgrade.
Next, a couple of hours later TheVerge said they confirmed from a Microsoft employee that they will NOT get the update.
Then, the same Microsoft Evangelist came out again and retracted his statement he made less than a day ago.

Really bad case of he said/she said!

It doesn't end there people, Now new reports (according to WMPU) from a windows phone dev forum in China is now saying that WP8 Apollo is currently being testing on Lumia 800, which means that current existing WP7 phones will get the upgrade.

Ok, I am officially dizzy from all this. I think it's high time Microsoft or Nokia put out an official statement on whether or NOT existing WP7 phones will get the upgrade. because frankly this is getting ridiculous.

At this point, We just want an official statement from Microsoft. It's gone too far.


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