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Monday, April 23

Photo: Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) UI

Nokia will be given a free hand by Microsoft to customize/tweak the upcoming WP8 (Apollo).

And I had a couple of ideas of how I wanted certain aspects of the UI to look, feel and behave...

First, the "Tiles", probably the most hated aspect of the Windows Phone OS (hated by most Symbian/Nokia users), but one I have come to live with as it brings something different to the smartphone ecosystem (different from your everyday icons & widgets). However, I would like to see more flexibility with these "tiles", so with the help of Microsoft Paint (it's not your all powerful Adobe Photoshop or Effects application, but it has its own strengths), I created what in my opinion I would like to see in the WP8 UI.

The 2 column tiles on the start screen just does not work, so how about making it a 4 column tiles system, making tiles of different sizes and using the extra space on the right, which just wastes (for no apparent reason), this will get rid of the arrow pointer that points you to the Apps list, but not to worry, just give the UI, the swipe feature (just like on the N9) and that solves that problem, then make the start screen work in landscape mode, I still don't understand why this isn't working by default! Anyway, put all that together with the help of Microsoft Paint and Waah Laah!

Concept: WP8 Start Screen on Lumia 900

Now my next idea is regarding multitasking, Currently if you hold down the "back" button on any WP7 phone, it takes you to the multitasker where you see apps that are running cached! While the WP8 upgrade should bring with it true multitasking, there currently isn't a way to close (kill) an app from the multitasker view, why? well, I was at a developer event recently and someone asked "why" and the answer was that Microsoft didn't believe anyone should want to close apps, and it was better to have it on pause (I personally think that's ridiculous, but that's my opinion).
So for true multitasking when it comes with WP8, let's be able to go into the multitasker and shut down an app by positioning a finger from the top of the desired app and swiping down, no need for a exit button on the top right corner (like in Symbian devices).

 These are just a couple of ideas I have for the Nokia version of WP8 UI that I could replicate using Microsoft Paint.
There are still tons of features I would like to see brought over from the Symbian platform, features as simple as smart dialing, sending contact vcards, bluetooth compatibility with all devices and much more...

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  1. A windows phone is not going to be as cool as they should be IMO