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Friday, April 20

Pics: White Nokia Lumia 900 already being sold at some At&t; Stores

Friday morning here, what am I doing? Calling every At&t store in my locale to see which one has the coveted White Lumia 900 and sadly none, absolutely NONE! I got kinda good news and bad news.
the bad news first, Some At&t Reps I talked to didn't even know the phone comes in white (Oh the Horror!!) and had no idea when it would be available, on the other hand, the good news, one store rep I talked to said he would sell it to me on the 21st, that's tomorrow!!! he seem really knowledgeable about the device, he knew it was supposed to be sold on the 22nd but offered it to me a day earlier!

The White Nokia Lumia 900 is already being sold at some At&t stores, and to prove it here are a couple of pics Nokia US President Chris Weber got sent to him on his twitter:

I have no idea what locations are already selling it, but I am jealous!

I really love the white especially after I played with one last week at a developer event sponsored by Nokia.
The sleek design of the piece of art is really exquisite. The glossy finish makes the device exceptional too, have this and you would really stand out.

Hopefully I will scout around tomorrow and see if I can get one!


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