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Wednesday, April 18

Video: First look at Wazapp (WhatsApp client for N9)

Nearly 11,000 users have signed a petition to WhatsApp to release the popular IM client for Nokia N9.
But up till now, our plea to WhatsApp INC. for an official WhatsApp client for Nokia's MeeGo powered N9 has fallen on deaf ears.
That didn't stop some dedicated MeeGo developers from trying to re-create the app,  Wazapp the unofficial whatsapp client has been in the works for quite some time now, there is even a dedicated website htttp:// here you can donate and show your support and love to these guys for taking the pains of bring the app to the N9.

@tgalal who is working on it recently uploaded a video on his progress, it is not yet complete but as you can see from the video below, you can now send and receive messages between whatsapp clients...

Remember to show your support by donating at and let them (whatsapp inc) know that we have strength in numbers!

via: MNB


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