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Monday, April 23

(Video) Hands on with the White Nokia Lumia 900

Here's a quick look at the Nokia Lumia 900 in "glossy" white. Which got released on Apr 22nd, 2 weeks after the Cyan and Black Lumia 900 debuted. It is indeed beautifully different, Nokia has not failed to impress with this one, if you thought the Cyan (currently sold out and on back order at most At&t stores and online retailers) was really neat, wait to you get your hands on the white Lumia 900, it's an absolute beauty. Unlike the Cyan and black versions of the Lumia 900 which have matte finish, this white comes with a glossy finish, which makes it pretty shiny and eye candy (just like in the TV Ad). Though, many have speculated that this finish will be detrimental to the physical state of the device over time, as it might to susceptible to scratches and stains, of course, none of this has been confirmed... yet! I am really looking for to seeing how the white Lumia 900 does in the market compared to the cyan version which is already stealing the show.


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