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Saturday, April 7

(Video) Nicki Minaj performs "LIVE in NYC" for Launch of Lumia 900

White Lumia caressed by Nicki!

We already know that Nicki Minaj debuted the Remix to her Hit Song "Starships" yesterday in NYC during the Launch of  the Nokia Lumia 900.

cross-section of Nokia people

But we weren't there, well I wasn't. Luckily for those of us that couldn't make it, Nokia US took the pleasure of recording the live performance for us!
You can check out more pictures from the event at Nokia US Facebook Page

While it was all fun and entertainment, I hope everyone who attended got the message that Nokia is BACK in the US, not on bicycles though, they are back and they came in "StarShips"

Here is is, for your viewing pleasure:

Though Nicki performed a nice remix to her hit song, I don't think she stole the show, there was a REALLY NICE CGI effects display going on the whole time, and it looked pretty amazing.
Nokia has always been known for the lavish, tech-centric display following by Lumia launches around the world and this was no different. The CGI Presentation with the music were very entertaining.

While the website is finally unveiled and the test is over, Operation Rolling Thunder has officially kicked off, though we will not feel the effects until probably a couple of months after the Lumia 900 is generally available to the public (Apr 8th) and also the "white" version is made available.


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