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Saturday, April 7

Video: Nokia's BIGGEST US Fan (WARNING: Explicit Language)

YouTube User, GeneralTheDestroyer pre-ordered his Nokia Lumia 900 last weekend like a lot of us passionate Nokia Fans in the US, but he  didn't get his Lumia 900 on April 6th like the rest of us did.
And he is pissed, I mean ticked off, I mean really REALLY MAD about it.

It wasn't his fault or Nokia's fault (Thank God) but Fed Ex failed to deliver the device as scheduled and according to our friend here, this was due to some technical [email protected]$%SH*t.
 And instead they promised to deliver on Apr 9th, which is pretty much 2 days after it is available at your local store, which further means the whole pre order was absolutely USELESS!!  Boy! must that really suck.

I kinda almost know how he feels, I left work as early as 2pm on Friday (Apr 6th; Delivery day)with the hope that I would be home on time to sign for the package, but I was too late they had already come and gone and left a note saying they would try to deliver it again on Monday April 9th, I wasn't having it, there was no way I would have waited for it till Monday. So I got in rush hour traffic to the FedEx store where it sat and picked mine up.

Sadly, GeneralTheDestroyer's experience is far worse than mine!

Here's the video,

It's always fun and reassuring to see there are still DIE-HARD Nokia Fans in the US..

Also if you had any thought about Windows Phone carrying Nokia, then think again, because from the video, he clearly reiterates what I have always said and that is, Nokia is the one carrying windows phone on their back, Microsoft's WP7 OS is the one truly gaining from this relationship, as GeneralTheDestroyer clearly points out.

I was also reading a review for the Lumia900 ( I can't remember which one), but they pointed out how Nokia had done their part, and the ball is in Microsoft's court to improve and polish the windows phone OS which lacks a number of essential features, features that are common place in today's smartphone OSes, features like TRUE multitasking, good camera UI, smart dialing and a few others.

via: NMB


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