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Wednesday, April 4

Video: Samurai II: Vengeance for Nokia N9

Remember when I said "Pocket RPG" was one of the 2 best Role Playing games on N9, well the other one's Samurai II: Vengeance; Both these games are developed by Unity 3D.

But I think Samurai II here is the Best by far.
It's about a Samurai on a quest to defeat the evil demi-God Tyrant and his minions who killed everything (the love of his life) he had (you know, your typical revenge story). I'm not gonna dwell on the storyline.

First thing I noticed... the graphics are SHARP and vivid, sound effects are just right and controls are easy to use and spot on!

As far as user intuitiveness, I would say it's alright, probably have to play it a couple of hours to fully get used to it and know how the combos work.
As far as continuity, well you can finish the game in 4-6hours of continuous play depending on how good a gamer you are and what difficulty level you are playing on.
Difficulty level is also a plus, you can choose from easy, normal and hard.

Apart from actually finishing the game, there's also survival mode, where you fend of hoards of enemies with your Katana sword and your samurai skills. This mode will have you playing the game for weeks on end

Samurai II: Vengeance is the Best RPG on Nokia N9 and it's priced at $1.99 at the Nokia Store


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